About me

I was born on the 13th of June, 1985.  I graduated as a machine designer with Master's degree in 2009 and I currently work as a test engineer at a multinational company and I test pneumatic devices, design and program test systems. Currently I live in Budapest, Hungary.
At my teenage years my main hobby was paper modeling, nowadays my other hobby along LEGO model design is game programming and playing the drums.

My first Technic set in my adulthood was the 8052 container truck in 2011. At that time I wanted to build trial trucks and my biggest inspirations were Zblj's models and Grazi's Monster Truck. I immediately started to build a Tatra suspension and bought a 8265 front loader, so in a few days, my first MOC was born.

With my first own creation, I realized that I'm much more interested in how everything comes together than how many functions I can implement or how good the performance is. Therefore my main goal became to design playable, good looking and sturdy models with only legal building techniques and recent parts. From complex (and sometimes too ambitious) but messy models I tended towards simpler but tidy models. The most inspiring designers become Paul Boratko (a.k.a. Crowkillers), Nathanaël Kuipers and Francisco Hartley.

I usually document my builds by modeling them with LEGO Digital Designer and I made official-like instructions for some of my latest models (see my Rebrickable page) with MLCad and LPub.

I'm not a prolific designer - I can spend only a little of my time on designing and I am a bit too perfectionist - but I am satisfied with my designs and most of my latest models were blogged by The Lego Car Blog and many of them made it into the Technic Hall of Fame of Eurobricks.